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Pension losses not only effect you but they can effect spouses, children and family. Check your claim and get back what is owed!

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Poor pension advice, handling and service has been widespread and millions of pounds have been lost.

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The courts have ruled and the mis-selling of pensions has become clear. See if yours was one of them today!

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We strive to provide the optimum outcome through our professional yet friendly approach. We are progressive, people first experts that specialise in mis sold pensions compensation. We work closely with you all the way, providing our support and expertise. Our professional team are experts in their fields. They are passionate and endeavor to secure the best results for our clients throughout the whole of the UK.

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Frequently Asked Mis Sold Pension Questions To discuss your Mis Sold Pension use our Pensions Checker Tool and request a call back if you have a valid claim!

What is pension mis selling?

Your pension has often been mis-sold if the adviser didn’t take into account your health or medical issues, they didn’t give you all the information you needed, they moved your pension into risky sectors or they failed to tell you all the options available to you!

Is there a time limit to make a claim?

This is often misunderstood and people believe there is a ‘6 year rule’ to make a claim, however this rule can only be applied in certain circumstances. If you were mis-sold a pension longer that 6 years ago you should still progress your complain as normal but firstly using our Pension Checker Tool to see if you have a claim.

Can I still claim if the company/adviser is no longer trading?

Yes! There are schemes in place to protect you when the company or adviser that processed your pension is no longer trading. If they no longer exists then we will take your case to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to recover your investment.

How can I check if I have a claim?

Simply use our Pension Checker Tool to see the likelihood that you have a claim. If the information you provide shows it is likely that you have a claim then you will be offered a FREE consultation to check further details and after this point you can decide to start your claim on a No-Win No-Fee Basis with our experts!